You know how it is…

Battling your growing inbox all day instead of working on your next big income-generating project.

Stashing financials out of sight until tax day is looming, creating unnecessary stress as you scramble to get information for your accountant in time.

Forgetting appointments because there’s just too much to keep straight with your schedule, and paying the price in lost financial and relationship opportunities.

Feeling like you’re stuck on a treadmill and you can’t get off.

It’s time to stop letting your business run you and start taking control of how you use your time.

The latest ‘productivity hacks’ you’ve read about might help you feel like you’re getting more done, but distract you from realizing you’re not spending time on the right things that will bring the most value to your business.

You want to change how your business operates so you can get back to the work only you can do, but you’re not sure where to start. Just thinking about the nitty gritty details makes you yawn.


I dive deep into the inner workings of your business to identify your biggest operational frustrations and inefficiencies and create better systems to drastically reduce or even eliminate the time you spend on them.

When we’re done your business will no longer need you to babysit and you will have hours back each week to create, add real value to your business, or just take a well-deserved break to enjoy life.


I use simple but effective systems optimization strategies to help you implement lasting process improvements in your business.

Let’s be clear: I am NOT a virtual assistant. VAs can be an awesome resource, but if you don’t have solid processes in place first you may find you lose more time by constantly answering questions or redoing work.

My job is to help you through the transition of optimizing your back-end operations (think finances, client relationships, team management, marketing, email, scheduling) and give you the tools to engineer your own success. This might mean simplifying your existing processes, automating tasks with technology, and maybe even delegating some work to someone else after your systems are established.

Here’s how it works:

We have an initial strategy meeting to discuss the current state of your business, prioritize your challenges, and create an action plan for our time together.

We continue with weekly progress meetings throughout our engagement where I update you on what I’ve done and set goals for the coming week.

The rest of the time (up to four hours per week) I work independently on optimizing your systems however you want to use my time, such as:

  • Researching alternative technologies/services
  • Creating/updating procedure documentation
  • Working with your team to implement solutions

My goal is to keep you informed and involved throughout the project without distracting you from your work. I’ll take care of the heavy lifting and your optimized systems will be ready to go in just twelve weeks!

If you have a smaller scope or want quicker results, I also offer a compressed four-week program with up to eight hours per week dedicated to upgrading your business systems.


My clients are awesome, conscious entrepreneurs with a few things in common:

They have a clear vision for their online business and what they want to create. My job is not to help you with your business strategy or brainstorm new ideas. I’m here to help you execute on your vision.

They are comfortable working virtually with me and communicating by email, phone, and video conferencing. I primarily work with online-based businesses because they are used to working this way already.

They are open-minded to experimenting and trying new ways of doing things. Albert Einstein said it best: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

They are willing to prioritize systematization. Creating sustainable systems is an investment of your time and attention. I will support you in setting up processes but I can’t do everything for you, nor would that be in your best interest. My goal is to make you self-sufficient so you can continue to optimize on your own after our work together is done.

They are consistent in using the processes we have set up. I don’t want to waste my time or yours setting up processes if you’re not going to use them. There’s just no point. But once you see how much easier your life is with good systems in place, I think you’ll love using them!


I love details (really!) and I have a long history of creating systems in all areas of my life and work. You can learn more about me  here.


I only work with a select few clients at a time because I really take the time to understand you and your business and become a part of your team while we work together. Therefore I want to ensure we are a good fit before we make an agreement.

The first step is to schedule an exploration call where I learn about your needs and you have the opportunity to ask me questions about what I do. From there we decide if we want to move forward.

Email to schedule a free, no strings attached exploration session.

Everyone has an optimizer in them, let me help you unleash it!